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About Us

As life-long North Georgia residents, we've seen a lot of changes in our area over the last few decades. But one thing that hasn't changed is our love of this beautiful land, its residents, and the air we all breathe.

Our families and friends are rooted in North Georgia and  surrounding towns in Tennessee and North Carolina. We've grown up here, started families here, and make an honest living right here, alongside all of you.

We care about this area, and that's why we dedicate our time and expertise to helping our neighbors breathe easy and live well.

And as certified air quality specialists, we have the know-how to make that happen for you.

Call or text us today and see how we can help!

How it all got Started

In 2018 RL and Roger decided it was time to take a big step and trust God and start their own business. It was a huge and scary decision but through God's direction everything came together. It has since grown beyond anything they could've ever imagined. This is a testament to what is possible when you lean on God.

RL Key


RL is a native of Blairsville, GA and has over 15 years experience in the restoration business. He met his wife Jessica in 2012 and they now have 4 beautiful children. RL is also a Baptist preacher who loves Jesus.

Roger Ott

Owner/Project Manager

Roger has lived in Ellijay, GA for the last 30+ years and has many years experience in the restoration business. He likes spending time with his wife Sandy and children. He is also an avid camper and dog lover who loves the outdoors.

Carter Ott


Carter has been with us since 2019. He has a strong background in the restoration business. He likes spending time hunting and fishing with his friends.

Dalton Taylor


Dalton joined our family in 2021. He has many years experience in the restoration business. He loves spending time with his family and horses.

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